About Nascent Group

Technology Enablement at the Core to your Business.

Our Mission is to be a premium provider of innovative technologies which are meaningful in capability, perversive in value, and cost-conscious to the market.

Our Vision is to guide the journey of innovation within your business by enhancing your products, services and your portfolio, to drive your financial and operational value.

Our Values are to help drive transparency as the springboard towards integrity, honesty, ethics and ultimately service loyalty, all needed for long term sustainable business and partnerships.

Our Purpose is ultimately to bring true value to the market, not driven by targets and margins, but driven out of passion for innovation and how best to showcase and inform pervasive and meaningful value to all who engage us.

Digital Enablement

The 1st Optimisation Revolution

While the technology landscape has everyone talking around the 4th Industrial Revolution, we have a view that is rather around how you can best optimise across everything being touted in today’s technology and business landscapes.

We enable clients to better understand how to unbundle the context of 4IR into value aligned to the context of their business, instead of what the market is dictating.

Regulatory Data Compliance

The age of Personal Information (PI)

Data Regulatory Acts are increasing demands around managing Personally Identifiable Information (PII) of individuals as well as Personal Health Information (PHI), as well as extended considerations.

We enable any business across any landscape not only to better manage all types of PI, but also assist them to know which ways best to lever PI to drive value.

Custom Development

From Ideation to Execution

We help business across multiple landscapes as well as startups realise their dreams. A key value proposition within our capability is having the ability to help anyone distill their value propositions into viable areas of value aligned to the context of the market, instead of being aligned to the context of their vision which may not be viable.

We have extensive capability to deliver on Blockchain, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning with a global reach of not only having access to cutting edge technology, but more so key global thought leaders.

Ubiquitous Delivery

Workforce Enablement

The business landscape of today requires agility. Within this requirement we are able to deliver systems and services to enable the workforce within a business while mitigating various risks for the business as well.

We are able to assist businesses with saving up to 50% vs their traditional ways of work across their workforce. Beyond this we have the capacity to in turn lever analytics in a manner to then drive further business benefits informing operational and cost efficiencies, as well as potentially revenue-generating opportunities.

Areas of Value

Key Considerations

It is simply about adding value which would underpin cost and operational efficiency to any business or its clients.

Speed of Delivery

We have invested in and developed cutting edge platforms so you don’t have to: we provide you with capability so your focus is on bringing in clients and not operational overhead.

Speed of Decisions

Unlike 99.9% of the IT Industry, we have subscription based month-to-month models: allowing you to showcase financial and operational value while being profitable.

Speed of Reach

We are able to reach far and wide within a business, or its client-base: while our portfolio is expansive, it has a quick turnaround and thus short lifecycle to realise optimal value.